Saturday, June 23, 2012

Navigating Road Blocks

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We've all been there.  Sometimes it seems like every way you turn there is another road block preventing you from accomplishing what you need to do.  For leaders, navigating obstacles is not only part of the job, but also one of the most important avenues of exercising leadership.

Quite frankly, it's easy to be a good leader when everything is running smoothly; it's when the difficulties begin piling up that leadership becomes the most valuable and the best teaching opportunities for your team.  That said, bumps in the road are the worst time to lose your cool.  So how do you stay in control and on top of your game when it seems like everything is falling apart?

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Defining Success

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I was recently reminded that the "traditional" definition of sucess it isn't necessarily what our personal definition of success would be if we took the time to define it for ourselves.  What's the difference and why does this matter?  How disappointed would we be if we reached the end of a long journey toward a goal only to discover that the goal was never really ours to begin with?  What if our own personal definition of success is vastly different than the corporate view?  What if it is vastly different than the view of society?  I believe that many of life's dissapointments occur because we are chasing other peoples dreams rather than our own and the notion of sucess is such an integral part of our personal happiness that it warrants some time spent defining it for ourselves.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Word to the Wise

I was perusing one of my favorite blogs The Daily Muse and came across an article that made me cringe. I believe this post was meant to be humorous, but we know that there has to be some truth to it in order for it to resonate with readers; and that my friend is no laughing matter.