About Ladylike Leaders Blog

Welcome to Ladylike Leaders, a blog and exchange celebrating female leadership and encouraging the application of leadership ideas to ourselves, our teams and our organizations. The goal of this blog is to encourage women on their leadership journey, to learn and apply positive leadership practices, and to share experiences and to promote the development of female leadership as a strategic competency.

 Leadership is no longer a mans game. Long gone are the days of gender roles in the workplace. However, we are hard pressed to find solid, positive resources for the female leader. Search the internet for the top leadership blogs and you will find very few written by women and nearly none dedicated to women alone.  I believe that women are particularly suited to leadership roles and can maximize their femininity to become valuable assets both to their organizations and the individuals they lead.  The purpose of this blog is to provide the insights into tried and true and new and emerging leadership practices being used in the corporate arena.

About Me
My name is Tina Kempa, I was born and live in the Chicago suburbs. I have spent many years reading and applying leadership practices in my life and career, giving rise to significant personal growth and development. As I continue on this leadership journey I will explore new ideas, share insights and experience through this blog. It’s my goal to write insightful, actionable and relevant content that encourages women in their leadership roles.  It is my hope that this blog becomes conversational and that readers will share their insights as well.

For questions, comments or feedback you can e-mail me at the following address:  ladylikeleaders@gmail.com

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